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Six criteria for hydraulic hose selection

Hydraulic hoses are essential components of hydraulic machines which use liquid fluid power to do simple and heavy work. They can be roughly separated into low, medium and high pressure. These hoses are engineered to transmit hydraulic fluid to hydraulic motors and cylinders to achieve various functions. 

Hydraulic hose selection should comply with the following rules, such as temperature, pressure and ambient environment, all of which will produce an effect on hose degradation. There are several main criteria to remember when select.

  1. Size
    Size, especially inside diameter, should be appropriate to remain pressure loss at a minimum level and prevent extremely high temperature and excessive turbulence.
  2. Pressure
    Pressure means the maximum working pressure during constant work. According to relevant international standards, the safety factor of Chengrui hydraulic hose is rated at 4:1, that is, max working pressure is about a quarter of min bust pressure.
  3. Impulse pressure
    A vital factor of hose selection is pressure which is calculated from the minimum bursting pressure. Generally speaking, maximum working pressure is a quarter of min bursting pressure, and safety factor is 4:1. Impulse pressure which will produce during operating period is far higher than working pressure. Hydraulic machines, which are frequently attacked by impulse pressure, often be equipped with overflow valves.
  4. Temperature
    Hydraulic hoses should be used in defined temperature range. If working temp exceeds this range, the service life of hoses will be significantly shortened, and its working pressure will drop a lot. For working environment whose temp is too high or low, hydraulic hoses should be protected by hose jacket.
  5. Chemical compatibility
    When special hydraulic fluids are applied, hydraulic hose assemblies including hoses (tube and cover, O-ring and joint should be compatible with the fluid.
  6. Bend radius
    When installing the assembly, the minimum bend radius should be paid enough attention to. Too tight radius will reduce the life period of hoses and add costs.

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