Hydraulic hoses superior to durability and full range of varieties

Since its foundation in 1998, Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. has been committing to manufacturing the most reliable hydraulic hoses at the most competitive price. Our customers come from more than 30 countries and believe that Qianli factory will continue to improve quality and be the best hydraulic hose supplier in China.

Why choose Qianli hydraulic hoses?

Qianli factory has introduced advanced production line, test instruments and technology as well as management mechanism, all of which together contribute to state-of-art products. In addition, we have always put quality and customers' benefits in the first place, because we take both of them as indispensable elements.

Products and products description

Depending on different working pressures, hydraulic hoses can be grouped into low, medium and high pressure. Generally, hydraulic hoses with different working pressures cannot be mixed up with each other, for working pressure is an important factor when select a hose.

Low pressure hydraulic hoses are often braided by one or two layers of textile, which provides light weight and super flexibility. They are widely used in return lines where high pressure is not needed.

Medium pressure hoses are usually braided by high-tensile steel wire, which support the hose and withstand pressure. The cover has good resistance against abrasion, ozone, oils and acids in case of damage. Once the cover is broken, the steel wire inside will rust and working pressure will drop significantly.

High pressure hoses are especially used in heavy hydraulic systems. They are braided by multiple layers of steel wire, hence their flexibility is not as good as the above two.

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. are striving to be your first and best hose supplier in China. We hope that we can create a better future with you together.


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